Skeyndor Advanced Treatments

Mesoscience by Skeyndor

Based on nobel price winning technique electroporation is a piece of equipment that combines four electro aesthetic techniques, and which is well-known for its effective active ingredient penetration capacity, with excellent results

These synergic results are obtained because Mesoscience by Skeyndor sequentially enhances the three existing skin penetration route: intro eqidermal Interepidermal and through skin appendices.

Mesoscience by Skeyndor has also designed a range of mesocosmetics, offering an extensive but controlled supply of active ingredients for each treatment .The active ingredients have been selected from among the most effective on the market,choosing those that adapt best to the characteristics of our equipment, thereby optimising their effectiveness and maximising results.


Stem Cell Eternal Treatments

Recent studies have revealed the existence of special nutrients that improve stem cell renewal. These nutrients are found inside the stem of a Swedish apple. These cells help to nourish and revitalise the epidermal cells. This treatment provides extra ordinary reproduction of new cells in the skin, giving you long lasting rejuvenating properties that improve all aspects of premature ageing. 

Recommended to have 4 treatments.


Corrective Treatments

This deluxe goddess facial uses the combination of Man Made Snake Venom, with the power of crushed pearls gives your skin immediate and spectacular results..... more volume, increased radiance, fewer lines, maximum hydration, this is Skeyndors promise to you .


Global Lift Treatment

The Skeyndor Global Lift line consists of a new anti-age strategy that achieves a face lift effect, redefining the jaw line and reducing double chins in mature skins. It is targeted at progerin, a protein that indicates cellular aging. The concentration of this protein in the cell nucleus makes it possible to calculate the biological age of the cells.